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C790: Independent Readings in Cultural Studies


Those pursuing a minor in Cultural Studies have the option of arranging an independent reading with a Cultural Studies Adjunct (see the Faculty page for a complete listing of adjuncts).  After consulting with the adjunct and agreeing on a schedule of readings and/or written work, you should complete an authorization form and receive approval from the Director of Cultural Studies, Shane Vogel.

The authorization form (Word document) can be printed directly from the website or you can contact the Cultural Studies office at cstudies@indiana.edu to receive a hard copy of this form.  Once your Independent Reading in Cultural Studies has been approved, the authorization form should be directed to Shane Vogel, the Director of the Cultural Studies Program. He will authorize your C790 with the Registrar, which will allow you to register for CULS-C 790 for 3-4 credit hours.

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